Courses / Training

Why don’t diets work for me?

For some people, no matter how hard they try, being a healthy size that they feel comfortable with seems unachievable. This course is suitable for women who have tried and ‘failed’ at various diets and who feel frustrated and unhappy with their size. This is a 6 week course for 2 hours per week. In a small group we will look at the often ignored underlying psychological issues that may be at play.

This course will change how you view your size and therefore help you to manage it.

Cost is £35/ week. 

Please either email or call for more information.

Parenting through Puberty

This is a 2 hour workshop for parents, looking at normal psychological processes that teenagers go through and how parents can support them whilst still maintaining boundaries and their own well-being.

Cost for this workshop is £35.

Please either email or call for more information.